Balancing Life and Health – Women’s Health and CBD

Women’s Health and The Benefits of CBD

March is Women’s History Month and while the great accomplishments women have made are at the forefront of this month of appreciation, the underlying fact is women neglect their health because of balancing so many different things.  Our bodies require a lot of maintenance to remain healthy and while there is a lot, we all can do to manage our health, it still requires the assistance of medical professionals.

Managing your health can be difficult depending on the health challenges faced, as a woman with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I have to coordinate so many doctors I tend to forget who I’m seeing when.  I have standing semi-annual appointments with my neurologist to manage MS, I have hormonal issues, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which requires me to see my gynecologist more than usual, of course internal hormonal issues lead to external skin problems, thus I must see my dermatologist regularly.  Being in my 40’s naturally my vision has declined so there’s the annual optometrist appointment and keeping healthy teeth I go to the dentist as well.

I imagine I am not alone, and I have learned the importance of booking time on the same appointment calendar to just relax.  It’s not always easy to relax, because I can’t help but to think of what I could be doing during that relaxation time. Balance is Key and finding that balance between managing our lives and finding time for ourselves will determine our sanity in the end.  I started using CBD to help me relax and ease anxiety I felt not being “productive” all the time.

Struggles balancing life and your own health is not unique to women, but certain conditions unique to women can increase stress leading to more significant problems later.  Hormonal Imbalance, Menopause and Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) are just some of these unique issues and CBD has proven to assist with all of these and more.  CBD can help regulate hormones, stabilize mood changes, decrease the rate of bone density loss, insomnia, sooth bloating, cramps and more.

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The good news is there are a lot of different CBD products that can provide relief for everything mentioned above and more:

  • CBD Oils – Great for inflammation, pain, bloating,
  • CBD Gummies – Great for appetite, metabolism, thermoregulation
  • CBD Topical – Reduces Hyperpigmentation, fades dark spots


It is extremely important to always seek professional medical advice to determine if CBD products are safe for you to use.


CBD Bundle

2G2B TRU CBD Bundle
CBD Bundle


  • Tropical Gummies
    • Delicious, fast acting and soothing, but did I mention delicious!  I have one a day to ease anxiety and honestly doubt!  If I feel like I can’t I eat one and let the negative vibes melt away…
  • De-Stress Bath Bomb
    • Ok, there’s a bath (which I take every Sunday), then there’s a 2G2B TRU CBD Bath Bomb Bath!  You will experience a level of relaxation you probably have never felt 😊 Trust me!
  • CBD Hempseed Drops (500 mg)
    • A couple of drops under your tongue (It takes really good!) or a couple of drops in your tea and coffee and feel the tension and anxiety melt away!
  • Relief Roll-on Gel
    • Have you ever had a cramp?  Muscles sore and tense?  Rub this gel on your skin and you will feel relief almost instantly!  I keep this on my nightstand in case I get a cramp….keep it in reach!


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Skincare and CBD

Skincare and CBD

Research has shown CBD has a positive effect on acne both topical and consumable products.  CBD directly affects Human sebocytes, the cells that create sebum (An oily substance the skin creates to protect us, can also harm us by mixing with dirt, pollutants, etc. and get stuck in the pores) by limiting the production of sebum resulting in clearer pores.  As I’ve mentioned previously CBD is great for inflammation, which helps reduce blemishes, puffiness and redness caused by acne.

Read More: National Library of Medicine

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

In past blogs I shared the challenges I face because of having Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I also suffer from PCOS which is a hormonal condition that affects menstruation cycles, acne, excessive hair growth, increased risk for diabetes, and other symptoms.  Having been diagnosed with PCOS 11 years ago, I have tried almost every product out there for facial acne and discolorations to help with the hormonal imbalances caused by PCOS and found CBD products to be the most effective.

While both topical and consumable products work well (oils/gummies), for me, the best results for inflammation (pimples) and discolorations (dark spots) come from topical products such as vitamin c oil and spot remover. 

Side Note:  Your diet is extremely important as well as some foods lend to breakouts more than others and inflame the symptoms of PCOS (bloating, heavy/continuous cycle, weight gain). 

PCOS can cause weight gain because it makes it more difficult for the body to use insulin, (insulin resistance) and can cause glucose to build up in the bloodstream. A person without PCOS’ body would turn sugars and starches from food into energy making it easier to burn calories and maintain a “normal” weight.

The good news is there are a lot of different CBD products that can help with symptoms associated with PCOS:

  • CBD Oils – Great for inflammation, pain, bloating,
  • CBD Gummies – Great for appetite, metabolism, thermoregulation
  • CBD Topical – Reduces Hyperpigmentation, fades dark spots

Additional PCOS Info


It is extremely important to always seek professional medical advice to determine if CBD products are safe for you to use.


CBD Beauty Bundle


  • Age Spot Brightening Cream
    •  I apply this product nightly which has reduced dark spots and discolorations in my skin
  • AM-PM Moisturizing Cream
    • I apply this morning and night right before I apply sunscreen, a small amount goes a long way and provides great moisturization without clogging my pores.
  • Vitamin C Serum
    • I use this oil day and night, I apply this after washing my face, then I apply all other products after the vitamin c oil dries.  This has been a game changer for my dark spots as well!

Scientific Benefits and Proven Effectiveness of CBD

Scientific Benefits and Proven Effectiveness of CBD

Neuropathic pain, a form of chronic pain, associated with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, chemo treatments and other nerve “injuries” is a form of pain that does not respond well to over the counter or prescription medications regardless of dosage.  Scientists continue to uncover the positive effects cannabidiol (CBD) treatments have on neuropathic pain, with many patients reporting a decline in pain and inflammation or relief versus prescription drugs.  I’ve mentioned in previous blogs the science behind cannabidiol (CBD) and  the human body (endocannabinoid (EC) systems), in short the use of CBD and THC products intercept or minimize the “pain messages” being sent from cell to cell and the effectiveness increases with the use of both THC and CBD.  CBD products that contain a small amount of THC have also shown positive effects in people with epilepsy, specifically fewer seizures, increased alertness with few side effects if any.

Read More: National Library of Medicine

Mood Altering Effects of CBD

As a person who suffers from mood changes associated with having multiple sclerosis (MS), I sought out natural remedies to help provide balance and calmness.  I researched holistic remedies that work in conjunction with the medicines and infusions taken for MS that had minimal side effects.  Overwhelmingly research showed CBD and THC both have remediating properties (It was noted THC in low doses and CBD taken orally), CBD’s medicinal qualities enhance the anxiety reducing chemicals and targets the brain’s receptors directly connected to one’s mood.  One cause of anxiety is linked to neuroinflammation, and as I have mention, CBD helps reduce inflammation, leading to less anxiety, which is positive results for people suffering from anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Additional Context: To put into perspective the different moods I experience, I occasionally have days where I experience sadness and despair, the effects MS has on me physically sometimes contradicts what I have mentally accepted with regards to my limitations.  I know I am not alone, and I can only imagine what people suffering from all types of diseases and disabilities feel, especially when you slowly witness your own physical and sometimes mental abilities fading away. 

There is no cure for MS and the different treatments for MS, whether oral or infused do not provide “curing” properties for MS and rarely any relief of the various conditions MS causes.  The current medications available in the US are given for the purpose of preventing new lesions from developing on the spine and brain (effects of MS), but again no real relief from pain, anxiety, muscle cramps and other effects of the disease.  Along with prescribed medications, as balanced of a diet as possible (😊 no one is perfect!), regular exercise and CBD I have been able to live more comfortable with less episodes of anxiety and mood changes.


It is extremely important to seek professional medical advice to determine if CBD products are safe for you to use.


Tropical Vegan Gummies – 25mg per gummy

Consume 1-2 Gummies Per Day 


Besides the great taste (remember only 1-2 a day), the effects of the gummies

  • Calms anxiety
  • Improves appetite
  • Helps with pain and inflammation

Normalizing the Use of Plant-Based Remedies

2020 Changes in Law

As 2020 proves to be an out of this world year, good news comes with the legalization of recreational marijuana use in more states across America.  On November 3, 2020 Arizona, New Jersey, and South Dakota all voted to legalize recreational marijuana, joining 11 other states with similar laws. Also, Kentucky has now permitted the sale of cannabis-based products. 

Click Cannabis Legalization Info for more details. 

This is great news for those involved in the cannabis industry. The legalization of marijuana helps normalize and decriminalize the use of marijuana and cannabis based products. The decriminalization of marijuana use can help bring justice to communities and people who have unjustly had their rights and freedoms taken away due to marijuana charges. 

As states continue to adopt laws legalizing marijuana, we will see an increase of scientific efforts to cultivate strains that are beneficial to people suffering from different types of illnesses and diseases.  These specialized cultivating efforts have been present in Europe for over a decade. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Europe has been ahead of the United States in some drugs for disease management (i.e. multiple sclerosis.)

CBD Pet Products

As CBD products continue to evolve, pet products are becoming exceedingly popular.  CBD products provide great benefits for pets that have a multitude of issues and symptoms.  As noted in the blog Canine Journal, some of the benefits of CDB for pets include:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Moderate to severe pain
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Arthritis & joint pain
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Digestion problems (see information about dog probiotics and tips to cure a dog’s upset stomach)
  • Nausea
  • Symptoms from cancer

As pets age, just like humans they need additional joint support, mood altering, and calming aids just like we do.  CBD products provide this relief to pets in the form of CBD oil, treats, and even a topical products.  We offer a pet conditioning shampoo that really soothes any animal’s fur and leaves a calming effect on your pet.  Order Pet Products Here


It is extremely important to seek professional advice from your pet’s veterinarian to determine if CBD products are safe to use for your pet


CBD Pet Treats 75mg CBD


Give 1-2 treats to your pet per day.  I have a maltipoo and he is less than 151bs, so he gets one treat a day.

**Always consult with your pet’s veterinarian to determine if safe to use for your pet**


These are great treats to provide your pet with a multitude of benefits including:

  • Improves your pet’s mood and help them find calm
  • Supports immune system, assists in recovery
  • Supports Joint health and helps with discomfort

CBD and the Human Body

How CBD Interacts with the Body

CBD has been hailed as a game changer for pain management, anxiety, relaxation, and more.

It’s been proven effective for many diseases and ailments because of the way it complements

different systems and functions. This is because of the effect CBD has on our biological systems

within our bodies (more information to come).

As I mentioned in our last blog, I started 2G2B TRU after personally experiencing the effects CBD

had on my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. I have used several CBD products to alleviate pain,

inflammation, stiffness, migraines, blemishes, you name it. To my surprise, CBD products even

helped my pain-wrenching cramps which used to take strong hold of my extremities for

My suggestion is to identify the product that best complements:

My suggestion is to identify the product that best complements:

● The way you would like to use CBD Products, whether it be topical, or by consumption

● What you would like to use CBD Products for (even if it’s just for relaxation!)

● The strength of the products you want to use

o CBD Products can range from 250mg up to 1000+ mg

o A good rule of thumb is correlating your symptom strength with the MG (i.e. Milder pain 500mg stronger pain 900mg+)

WARNING: It is extremely important to call out the need to seek medical attention

immediately if you are experiencing intense pain. If you are using CBD products to manage

symptoms of diseases and ailments, your healthcare provider should be aware to ensure you

are not putting your health at risk.

Referring to CBD connecting to our biology, we have receptors called CB1 and CB2. CBD

interacts with these receptors to help balance mood swings, reduce swelling, support joint

health, promote healthy skin, and more

For those of you intrigued by the science, here’s how it works

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system is a complex biological system in the human body. Medical researchers discovered it in the 1990s, but much is still unknown about how it works and its interactions. Today, experts know that it impacts several major processes, including appetite, sleep, mood, and memory, but there is much more yet to be discovered.

The endocannabinoid system has three components: receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids. These parts function regardless of whether someone uses CBD or not.

Here is an overview of each component:

  • Receptors exist throughout the body and are a substance to which endocannabinoids bind;
  • Enzymes appear in many forms, but only two types of enzymes break down endocannabinoids: and
  • Endocannabinoids complement the body by keeping internal functions running smoothly.

After the enzymes break down the cannabinoids, the endocannabinoids look to bind with receptors. Researchers believe that CBD does not directly attach itself to the receptor but influences it in some way. Activating these receptors is what allows for many of the health benefits that people associate with the compound.

CBD can also influence non-cannabinoid receptors. According to Teaera Roland of Lotus Health, CBD modulates the 5ht serotonin receptor, which can treat psychotic disorders. It can also affect the TRPV1 receptor, which is responsible for pain and inflammation.

The non-psychoactive properties of CBD make it ideal for therapeutic use. In addition to treating the multiple forms of epilepsy, CBD is also effective for anxiety, stress, depression, and physical ailments. There is no shortage of research to back up these claims, either.

For instance, one study connects CBD with a reduction in heart conditions, such as heart attacks and strokes. Another short-term study found that a dose of the compound reduced the appetite of patients. There have also been multiple researchers that have shown a link between CBD and treatment for PTSD symptoms, like negative memories, anxiety, and nightmares.

CBD plays a significant role when relieving pain, too. When the CBD influences the TRPV1, it is effectively blocking pain signals from reaching the rest of the body. The inference provides solace from aches, swelling, and discomfort.

The interaction between the CBD and CB2 receptors helps our body to combat things such as swelling, as well as boost our immune system.

CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system, which therefore promotes homeostasis in the body, decreases swelling and helps to reduce discomforts. The interaction of CBD and the endocannabinoid system also enhances clarity and focus, decreases anxious feelings, promotes a sense of calmness, aids in recovery and assists in a better night’s rest. (Info from Health Europa published 1.20.20)

Highlighted PRoduct

Water Soluble Nano Drops 900mg


A full dropper or just a couple of drops (depending on your pain level.) This has a great mint

flavor and excellent solubility to ensure the high-quality CBD oil is absorbed within the body. This is important to feel the full effects of the product


Provides quick relief for pain, anxiety, sleep deprivation, nausea, menstrual cramps, migraines and so much more. This is an incredible product that has amazing effects for so many things.

CBD Products: Relief. Relaxation. Rejuvenation

Autoimmune and metabolic diseases, arthritis, migraines, and even acne are just some of the diseases and ailments that CBD can provide relief for. CBD Products along with a well-balanced diet, regular exercise and routinely working with a physician can provide relief for diseases and ailments that have long plagued people globally.

I started 2G2B TRU to bring effective CBD products to the market and raise awareness of the healing effects CBD has. My goal is to help erase the stigma of using these types of products (not all CBD products will make you high!) Every one of our products are 99% pure CBD; quality, premium-grade and made from all-natural ingredients. Producing an all-natural product is important because effectiveness in each use derives from purity and quality

About Me:

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) after experiencing symptoms of MS for six years. During this six-year period of being undiagnosed I lost the ability to walk. Thankfully, after regular use of CBD and THC products, and routine massage therapy, I regained my abilities. Once diagnosed in 2013 I began what would be several different treatments for MS over the years, self-injections daily, infusions monthly and now an infusion every six months and went through quite the journey to get to the “right” doctor.

This statement is in bold because I want to stress the importance of finding the right care: Do NOT settle for any doctor, this is your health, your life.

I personally researched the best doctors and specialists for Multiple Sclerosis in my area and badgered my primary care physician until she wrote a well put together letter recommending I be seen at this premiere facility based on my diagnosis. It worked, and I don’t regret a thing. It was then that I learned how important it is to be the champion of your own health.

(Also, I consider myself lucky to have been diagnosed with MS when new treatments were introduced in the U.S. AND to have the mother that I do, she has been my “Disease Expert” and really invested time to help me understand the right things to eat, do, be, learn, ask and most importantly she helps to keep me sane. This is also key in disease/ailment management, we all need someone or some type of support system, someone to say, “It’s going to be ok.”)

Throughout my treatment journey I have maintained my routine of using THC and CBD products as well as a regular exercise routine. I do my best to eat healthy, but no one’s perfect. Massage therapy and coordinated care with my neurologist has allowed me to live a relatively normal life.

Now, my focus has turned to developing CBD products with ingredients that provide relaxation and relief from the everyday aches, pains, stiffness, anxiety, cramps, and spasms associated with so many diseases and ailments.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system that causes many negative effects on the body such as: pain, depression, fatigue and more. It is common for MS patients to be prescribed harsh drugs such as opioids, anti-depressants, and Benzodiazepines by their doctors. These drugs can vary with side-effects with some being extremely dangerous such as: amnesia, drowsiness, dizziness, migraines and more. For the patients who switched to using CBD they experienced up to a 72% decrease in these side-effects.

It is important to note that CBD isn’t just for people with MS. CBD can be used to relieve other health issues such as severe pain. A 2016 study suggests that cannabis has caused a 64% decrease in the use of opiates. This means a 64% decrease in the use of harmful drugs in replacement of an all-natural product.

Every blog we will highlight one of our products and I will share how I personally use it and what it does for me as well as answer any questions customers have asked. We will also bring you news and information directly from reputable sources as the scientific and medical worlds continue to research and test the benefits and effects of CBD.

Highlighted 2G2B TRU Product



There are many uses for this quick acting rub, I personally use this when I have aches in my hands (from excessive typing), muscle soreness and for spasms/cramping.

Did I say muscle spasms? I experience muscle spasms often in my calf muscles, this rub provides me instant relief, relaxes my muscles and allows me to straighten my leg within seconds (once I get to it, keep it close 😊).


Besides quick relief, the consistency of the oil is velvety and not at all greasy.

It leaves no residual goo on your body after application, has great absorption, and no harsh or weird smells.

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