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Women’s Health and The Benefits of CBD

March is Women’s History Month and while the great accomplishments women have made are at the forefront of this month of appreciation, the underlying fact is women neglect their health because of balancing so many different things.  Our bodies require a lot of maintenance to remain healthy and while there is a lot, we all can do to manage our health, it still requires the assistance of medical professionals.

Managing your health can be difficult depending on the health challenges faced, as a woman with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I have to coordinate so many doctors I tend to forget who I’m seeing when.  I have standing semi-annual appointments with my neurologist to manage MS, I have hormonal issues, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which requires me to see my gynecologist more than usual, of course internal hormonal issues lead to external skin problems, thus I must see my dermatologist regularly.  Being in my 40’s naturally my vision has declined so there’s the annual optometrist appointment and keeping healthy teeth I go to the dentist as well.

I imagine I am not alone, and I have learned the importance of booking time on the same appointment calendar to just relax.  It’s not always easy to relax, because I can’t help but to think of what I could be doing during that relaxation time. Balance is Key and finding that balance between managing our lives and finding time for ourselves will determine our sanity in the end.  I started using CBD to help me relax and ease anxiety I felt not being “productive” all the time.

Struggles balancing life and your own health is not unique to women, but certain conditions unique to women can increase stress leading to more significant problems later.  Hormonal Imbalance, Menopause and Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) are just some of these unique issues and CBD has proven to assist with all of these and more.  CBD can help regulate hormones, stabilize mood changes, decrease the rate of bone density loss, insomnia, sooth bloating, cramps and more.

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The good news is there are a lot of different CBD products that can provide relief for everything mentioned above and more:

  • CBD Oils – Great for inflammation, pain, bloating,
  • CBD Gummies – Great for appetite, metabolism, thermoregulation
  • CBD Topical – Reduces Hyperpigmentation, fades dark spots


It is extremely important to always seek professional medical advice to determine if CBD products are safe for you to use.


CBD Bundle

2G2B TRU CBD Bundle
CBD Bundle


  • Tropical Gummies
    • Delicious, fast acting and soothing, but did I mention delicious!  I have one a day to ease anxiety and honestly doubt!  If I feel like I can’t I eat one and let the negative vibes melt away…
  • De-Stress Bath Bomb
    • Ok, there’s a bath (which I take every Sunday), then there’s a 2G2B TRU CBD Bath Bomb Bath!  You will experience a level of relaxation you probably have never felt 😊 Trust me!
  • CBD Hempseed Drops (500 mg)
    • A couple of drops under your tongue (It takes really good!) or a couple of drops in your tea and coffee and feel the tension and anxiety melt away!
  • Relief Roll-on Gel
    • Have you ever had a cramp?  Muscles sore and tense?  Rub this gel on your skin and you will feel relief almost instantly!  I keep this on my nightstand in case I get a cramp….keep it in reach!

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