Scientific Benefits and Proven Effectiveness of CBD

Science of CBD

Scientific Benefits and Proven Effectiveness of CBD

Neuropathic pain, a form of chronic pain, associated with multiple sclerosis, diabetes, chemo treatments and other nerve “injuries” is a form of pain that does not respond well to over the counter or prescription medications regardless of dosage.  Scientists continue to uncover the positive effects cannabidiol (CBD) treatments have on neuropathic pain, with many patients reporting a decline in pain and inflammation or relief versus prescription drugs.  I’ve mentioned in previous blogs the science behind cannabidiol (CBD) and  the human body (endocannabinoid (EC) systems), in short the use of CBD and THC products intercept or minimize the “pain messages” being sent from cell to cell and the effectiveness increases with the use of both THC and CBD.  CBD products that contain a small amount of THC have also shown positive effects in people with epilepsy, specifically fewer seizures, increased alertness with few side effects if any.

Read More: National Library of Medicine

Mood Altering Effects of CBD

As a person who suffers from mood changes associated with having multiple sclerosis (MS), I sought out natural remedies to help provide balance and calmness.  I researched holistic remedies that work in conjunction with the medicines and infusions taken for MS that had minimal side effects.  Overwhelmingly research showed CBD and THC both have remediating properties (It was noted THC in low doses and CBD taken orally), CBD’s medicinal qualities enhance the anxiety reducing chemicals and targets the brain’s receptors directly connected to one’s mood.  One cause of anxiety is linked to neuroinflammation, and as I have mention, CBD helps reduce inflammation, leading to less anxiety, which is positive results for people suffering from anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Additional Context: To put into perspective the different moods I experience, I occasionally have days where I experience sadness and despair, the effects MS has on me physically sometimes contradicts what I have mentally accepted with regards to my limitations.  I know I am not alone, and I can only imagine what people suffering from all types of diseases and disabilities feel, especially when you slowly witness your own physical and sometimes mental abilities fading away. 

There is no cure for MS and the different treatments for MS, whether oral or infused do not provide “curing” properties for MS and rarely any relief of the various conditions MS causes.  The current medications available in the US are given for the purpose of preventing new lesions from developing on the spine and brain (effects of MS), but again no real relief from pain, anxiety, muscle cramps and other effects of the disease.  Along with prescribed medications, as balanced of a diet as possible (😊 no one is perfect!), regular exercise and CBD I have been able to live more comfortable with less episodes of anxiety and mood changes.


It is extremely important to seek professional medical advice to determine if CBD products are safe for you to use.


Tropical Vegan Gummies – 25mg per gummy

Consume 1-2 Gummies Per Day 


Besides the great taste (remember only 1-2 a day), the effects of the gummies

  • Calms anxiety
  • Improves appetite
  • Helps with pain and inflammation

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