Normalizing the Use of Plant-Based Remedies

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2020 Changes in Law

As 2020 proves to be an out of this world year, good news comes with the legalization of recreational marijuana use in more states across America.  On November 3, 2020 Arizona, New Jersey, and South Dakota all voted to legalize recreational marijuana, joining 11 other states with similar laws. Also, Kentucky has now permitted the sale of cannabis-based products. 

Click Cannabis Legalization Info for more details. 

This is great news for those involved in the cannabis industry. The legalization of marijuana helps normalize and decriminalize the use of marijuana and cannabis based products. The decriminalization of marijuana use can help bring justice to communities and people who have unjustly had their rights and freedoms taken away due to marijuana charges. 

As states continue to adopt laws legalizing marijuana, we will see an increase of scientific efforts to cultivate strains that are beneficial to people suffering from different types of illnesses and diseases.  These specialized cultivating efforts have been present in Europe for over a decade. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Europe has been ahead of the United States in some drugs for disease management (i.e. multiple sclerosis.)

CBD Pet Products

As CBD products continue to evolve, pet products are becoming exceedingly popular.  CBD products provide great benefits for pets that have a multitude of issues and symptoms.  As noted in the blog Canine Journal, some of the benefits of CDB for pets include:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Moderate to severe pain
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Arthritis & joint pain
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Digestion problems (see information about dog probiotics and tips to cure a dog’s upset stomach)
  • Nausea
  • Symptoms from cancer

As pets age, just like humans they need additional joint support, mood altering, and calming aids just like we do.  CBD products provide this relief to pets in the form of CBD oil, treats, and even a topical products.  We offer a pet conditioning shampoo that really soothes any animal’s fur and leaves a calming effect on your pet.  Order Pet Products Here


It is extremely important to seek professional advice from your pet’s veterinarian to determine if CBD products are safe to use for your pet


CBD Pet Treats 75mg CBD


Give 1-2 treats to your pet per day.  I have a maltipoo and he is less than 151bs, so he gets one treat a day.

**Always consult with your pet’s veterinarian to determine if safe to use for your pet**


These are great treats to provide your pet with a multitude of benefits including:

  • Improves your pet’s mood and help them find calm
  • Supports immune system, assists in recovery
  • Supports Joint health and helps with discomfort

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